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Although it comes second to Mandarin in the total number of speakers, English is the language you’ll be able to use most widely, as it’s spoken in more countries than any other language. That means that English is the language that will give you the best return for your efforts; after all, intellectual challenge aside, there’s little point putting a huge amount of time and effort into learning a language that you’ll hardly ever have the opportunity to use.

Being able to speak English allows you to communicate effectively in numerous countries, and this opens up lots of possibilities for you in terms of the countries you could choose to seek work in one day – not to mention travel to as a tourist.

Following are some of the common benefits of learning English:-

  • English is one of the most widely spoken languages

  • English will open up more opportunities for you

  • English will make you more desirable to employers

  • English gives you access to some of the world’s best universities

  • English is the language of some of the world’s greatest literature

  • English allows you to get more from popular culture

  • English allows you to attend international conferences and events

  • English has a simple alphabet and everyone’s equal

  • English gives you wider access to knowledge

  • English is a fantastic intellectual challenge! etc...

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