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We offer fully-managed services to take your group through the incorporation and tax exemption processes. We would pair you with a specialist who would walk you through each filing and complete them on your behalf. These individuals are highly-qualified, highly-educated experts with years of experience incorporating nonprofits, filing for tax exemptions and maintaining compliance with state and federal laws. Our tax exemption services are guaranteed, so you don't have to worry about rejected filings.


Our basic tax-exempt package costs $1,499 and includes the following services:

1. Name Availability Search - We verify that the name you've chosen is, in fact available.

2. Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation - Your specialist will complete your articles of incorporation on your behalf and include all 501(c)(3) provisions to ensure acceptance by the IRS.

3. Nonprofit Bylaws - Your specialist will customize your bylaws to the state you’re filing in and you intended mission.

4. Federal EIN - We'll file to retrieve this number which the IRS uses to identify your nonprofit. It’s also helpful in setting up a bank account for your organization.

5. Conflict of Interest Policy - Your specialist will create a conflict of interest policy which applies to your board of directors. This policy is required by the IRS when applying for 501(c)(3) status.

6. 501(c) Exemption - Your specialist will complete the tax exemption application on your behalf. We fill it out for you, and you submit it to the IRS along with a payment of $275 or $600. The IRS estimates this filing should take about 100 hours to complete. Our experts have completed hundreds of these so can streamline the process substantially. Many applications are rejected for failing to complete them correctly. We guarantee your application will be accepted.

7. Registered Agent - All states require entities to appoint a registered agent to act as a point of contact for the secretary of state and for service of process. Our nationwide network of agent offices allows us to support you wherever you go.


That being said, we also offer a compliance package that includes all of the services listed above, plus several others to help keep you compliant. The cost is $2,499 for the initial set-up fee, and you have the option but not the obligation to renew each year after that. Services included in that package in addition to those listed above include:


1. Nonprofit Compliance Adviser - You’ll be given access to your specialist for 12 months from the date of purchase. This piece is invaluable for new organizations that may run into challenges as they grow.

2. Annual Fundraising Registration - We'll complete your registration with the charities authority in your state​, so you're able to raise funds there.

3. Initial Report - Georgia requires an Initial Annual Registration within 90 days of incorporation

4. Publishing - Georgia requires new domestic nonprofit corporations to publish notice of incorporation no later than the next business day after filing articles of incorporation

5. Managed Annual Report Service - We take care of filing your annual corporate reports to the ​secretary of state​, so your organization remains in good standing.

6. Annual Review - At the end of your first year, your specialist will conduct a detailed review of your progress regarding fundraising, employees, and plans for expansion. This is an ideal time to discuss your 990 tax return and get advice on its submission.

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